• Great win at the 6th Challenger Open, Barcelona, Spain

    Great win at the 6th Challenger Open, Barcelona, Spain

    Taekwon-do klub Radovljica is 11.11.2017, under the flag of ITF Slovenia, attended international competition 6th Challenger Cup in Sitges, Barcelona, Spain. With the participation of 10 countries (England, Scotland, Wales, Germany, Belgium, Slovenia, Poland, Ireland, Czech Republic and Spain) and over 300 competitors, we achieved excellent results:

    • Children:
      • Neža Guštin 2. place, tulls 3. kup
      • Tibor Oblak 1. place, sparring -35 kg
      • Medej Ručigaj 1. place, tulls 2. kup
    • Youth:
      • Ivana Sitar 3. place, tulls 3. kup, 2. place, sparring -45 kg
      • Naja Zupan 3. place, sparring -55 kg
      • Jurij Sitar 2. place, tulls 5. kup
    • Veterans:
      • Maja Habjan 3. place, sparring +75 kg
      • Barbara Sitar 2. place, tulls II. DAN

    We thank Master Fernando Pérez for an excellent organization and a smooth and fair competition. We will definitely return next year. Thank you to our main trainer Mastar Željko Gvozdić, VII. DAN for all provided knowledge and guidance at home.

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