Martial arts of the Far East has been for many years exercise in our lives. What kind of accustomed we are to their presence even from that time onwards, when Emma Pell in degreasers with an outstretched palm banged fucking enemies by their necks, that they fell like a bundle of straw. “In karate it”, we then rules, kids, we look at “remlcih” obutali hands because we thought it was all so simple, as in filmu.Pa not. Neither one has not been any karate, nor any other martial art. After emerging films of Bruce Lee were again thought to be all together kung fu, but also his style of kung fu was not over. Judo, we know that in him throw people on the ground, but that the throwing techniques, there are also techniques with a partner and strangulation technique, knows only a few people. For Taekwon-do is also many people have heard, because it finally became an Olympic sport. As well as many a Slovenian already practicing.

Taekwon-do is a skill that is based on the ancient Korean art of struggle with legs Tae Kyon subject that began almost 2,000 years ago, on the results of Japanese karate and Chinese kung fu. Taekwon-do is a relatively modern art, because it is such as, for example, modern karate developed after the Second World War at the head of a recognized master, black belt holder Day 9 and founder of modern Taekwon-yes, Chong Hong Hi. The name taekwondo is still young, because he, unlike the style developed later, only in 1954. Just one year later, it established itself as Korea renewed a national competitive sport. The name taekwondo is a jigsaw puzzle. “TAE” means a blow to the leg in the jump, “Kwon” means fist blow, while the “DO” term of art, philosophical principle … If all three parts of the name are combined, give borenja skill with his feet and hands.

Coaching Taekwon-ja means at the same time to strengthen the body and mind, will and muscles. One is therefore another. Those who train, thereby strengthening self-confidence, but not for street fights, but for life in general. Perhaps the Taekwon-do, precisely because it can not verify the impact on humans developed the technique of breaking hard objects in the most common case, these planks or tiles. The space where practicing taekwondo is not explicitly gym, because it can be a man doing it anywhere, only to have his doing enough space, as well as other must not impair, competitions Taekwon-they are usually in the gym.