In the implementation of the tulls should take into account the following points:

1. Tull the starts and ends in exactly the same point. This shows the accuracy of the contractor.
2. At all times it is necessary to maintain the correct body position and direction (view).
3. The body muscles must be tightened or relaxed in the real critical moments in the exercise.
4. The exercise should be carried out in a rhythmic movement without stiffness.
5. Movement should be accelerated or slowed down according to the instructions in this book.
6. Each tull must be perfect before we can learn the following.
7. Students must be familiar with the purpose of each movement.
8. Students should be carried out every move realistically.
9. The techniques of attack and defense should be evenly distributed between the right and the left arm and a leg.

All these forms are carried out with the assumption that the student is facing “D” (see diagram form). Here is the full 24 form Taekwon-Do. Name patterns, the number of elements and diagrammatic symbol of each form symbolizes either heroic figure in Korean history, or certain historical events.



In traditional Taekwon-Do we have 24 tulls, developed by the founder General Choi Hong Hi. For more details on the form, together with the individual techniques, visit the web page.

Tradicionalnega Taekwon-Do tulls:

  • Saju-chirigi, 14 tehniques…10. kup
  • Saju-maki, 16 tehniques…10. kup
  • 1. forma: Chon-Ji, 19 tehniques…9.kup
  • 2. forma: Dan-Gun, 21 tehniques…8. kup
  • 3. forma: Do-San, 24 tehniques…7. kup
  • 4. forma: Won-Hyo, 28 tehniques…6. kup
  • 5. forma: Yul-Gok, 38 tehniques…5. kup
  • 6. forma: Joong-Gun, 32 tehniques…4. kup
  • 7. forma: Toi-Gye, 37 tehniques…3. kup
  • 8. forma: Hwa-Rang, 29 tehniques…2. kup
  • 9. forma: Choong-Moo, 30 tehniques…1. kup
  • 10. forma: Kwang-Gae, 39 tehniques…1. DAN
  • 11. forma: Po-Eun, 36 tehniques…1. DAN
  • 12. forma: Gae-Baek, 44 tehniques…1. DAN
  • 13. forma: Eui-Am, 45 tehniques…2. DAN
  • 14. forma: Choong-Jang, 52 tehniques…2. DAN
  • 15. forma: Juche, 45 tehniques…2. DAN
  • 16. forma: Sam-Il…3. DAN
  • 17. forma: Yoo-Sin…3. DAN
  • 18. forma: Choi-Yong…3. DAN
  • 19. forma: Yong-Gae…4. DAN
  • 20. forma: Ul-Ji…4. DAN
  • 21. forma: Moon-Moo…4. DAN
  • 22. forma: So-San…5. DAN
  • 23. forma: Se-Jong…5. DAN
  • 24. forma: Tong-Il…5. DAN