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  • Seminar with GM Nicholls in Bratislava

    Seminar with GM Nicholls in Bratislava

    On Saturday, 16.3.2024, the club’s coaching team attended a seminar in Bratislava, Slovakia, led by Grand Master Trevor Nicholls and organized by ITF Slovakia. At the Master Class seminar, GM Nicholls paid the most attention to the teaching of technical skills and the practical implementation of techniques. We will be happy to share new knowledge

  • 7 medals in Spain

    7 medals in Spain

    On Saturday, 12.11.2022, the 9th AETI Challenger Cup took place in Sitges near Barcelona, Spain. It was attended by competitors from 8 countries (Spain, Ireland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Great Britain and Slovenia), from a total of 25 clubs. The match took place at a high level, both organizationally and competitively. Taekwon-do klub Radovljica

  • Seminar with GM Trevor Nicholls

    Seminar with GM Trevor Nicholls

    INTERNATIONAL TAEKWON-DO FEDERATION SLOVENIA (MO #657) and Taekwon-do klub Radovljica is pleased and proud to announce a taekwon-do ITF seminar, which will be led by Grand Master Trevor Nicholls, IX. DAN, Vice President of the International Taekwon-do Federation. He will be assisted by Master Michael Flaherty, VII. DAN from Ireland ITF. The seminar will take place

  • Sabum Barbara Sitar and new black belts

    Sabum Barbara Sitar and new black belts

    Between June 3 and 5, 2022, exams for black belts and higher black belts were held. All exams were led, supervised and conducted by Master Mick Flaherty of the Ireland ITF organization. 5 members of the club took the exams. All candidates wrote the theoretical part of the exam on Thursday, which required in-depth knowledge

  • A lot of medals at the German Open ITF 2022

    A lot of medals at the German Open ITF 2022

    On Saturday, 14.5.2022, the team of Taekwon-do club Radovljica with 8 competitors participated in the German ITF Open 2022 in Bochum, Germany. The competition was attended by 8 countries, and the competitors competed in 5 different disciplines (tulls, sparring, special techniques, speed kicks and power competition). Our competitors have achieved excellent results: Marko Oblak, 1.

  • The Second eTournament

    The Second eTournament

    ITF Slovenia and German-ITF held their second distance match on Saturday, April 17, 2021. The competition took place in tullss and in a kicks challenge. The competition was attended by 77 competitors from 7 countries: Ireland, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Spain, Poland and Slovenia. Our competitors achieved the following results in the competition: TULLS – BLACK

  • 1st Virtual Spain Open

    1st Virtual Spain Open

    On Sunday, 28.3.2021, the 1st Virtual Spain Open competition in forms took place, where the Taekwon-do club Radovljica, under the auspices of ITF SLOVENIA (#MO 657), competed with 12 competitors. The winner in her category was Taja Oblak, 6. gup, and we won a total of 9 medals. 305 competitors from 13 countries (Slovenia, Great

  • We have 2 European Championship

    We have 2 European Championship

    On Sunday, 20.12.2020, the 1st ITF Taekwon-do Virtual European Form Championship took place, which brought the Taekwon-do Club Radovljica, under the auspices of ITF SLOVENIA (#MO 657), 2 European Champion titles, namely: Neža Guštin, black belt, I. DAN and Marko Oblak, 3. kup. Although apart, we were together and met and competed with our friends

  • Instructor and Umpire Seminar

    Instructor and Umpire Seminar

    The coaches of the Taekwon-do club Radovljica, via ITF Slovenia (# MO657), attended a virtual instructor and umpire seminar, organized and implemented by the International Taekwon-do Federation. The seminar, which took place on 2 days, 5 and 6 December 2020, and was conducted through the Zoom application, was attended by over 700 participants from around

  • International training

    International training

    On Friday, 4.9.2020, we opened the training season with a joint technical training with guests from Italy and Austria. The training was led by Massimo D’eredita ‘, V. DAN, with his team Hwarang team San Daniele, and we were joined by Arif Miljković, IV. DAN with the team of his club ITF Taekwondo Klagenfurt. The