• Stage of sparring and patterns, Padova, Italy

    Stage of sparring and patterns, Padova, Italy

    Northern group of Taekwon-do ITF Italia organized the first stage of sparring and patterns, on 8.10.2107. Coordinated by our great friend Maestro Massimo D’eredita’, IV. DAN and hosted in sunny warm Padova by the beautiful talented Maestra Sabina Verdi, III. DAN. We are extremely honored and proud to be invited to participate in this first of many stages! We are grateful to Maestro Rolando Montagni, V. DAN for the electrifying warm up exercises and investing great effort in correcting our techniques. Great thanks also to Maestro Renzo Gottoli, V. DAN for making speed exercises and sparring drills fun and educational, and his assistant Stefania Canobbio for her demonstrations and help.