• Sabum Gregory Bekkers

    Sabum Gregory Bekkers

    On Sunday, 21.4.2024, the exam for level IV. DAN was completed and successfully completed by our coach Gregory Bekkers. The exam was conducted, supervised and administered by Master Mick Flaherty, VIII. DAN from Ireland ITF. Gregory performed 18 tulls, step sparring on 1, 2 and 3, performed fights against one and against two opponents, and also performed a self-defense. He demonstrated an enviable level of knowledge and more than met expectations. Through the execution of all the elements of the exam, he showed a great deal of energy and effort through many years of training in taekwon-do. He passed the exam successfully and thus reached the level of band IV. DAN. Congratulate the new Sabum Gregory Bekkers, IV. DAN and we are very proud of him.