• A lot of medals at the German Open ITF 2022

    A lot of medals at the German Open ITF 2022

    On Saturday, 14.5.2022, the team of Taekwon-do club Radovljica with 8 competitors participated in the German ITF Open 2022 in Bochum, Germany. The competition was attended by 8 countries, and the competitors competed in 5 different disciplines (tulls, sparring, special techniques, speed kicks and power competition). Our competitors have achieved excellent results:
    • Marko Oblak, 1. place, tulls and 1. place, sparring
    • Neža Guštin, 3. place, tulls, 1. place, sparring, 2. place, special tehnique
    • Tibor Oblak, 1. place, tulls, 1. place, sparring
    • Žan Teran, 2. place, tulls, 2. place, sparring
    • Ivana Sitar, 3. place, sparring
    • Rok Knafelj, 1. place, tulls
    • Mitja Jukič Grm, 2. place, tulls
    • Barbara Sitar, 3. place, tulls
    Congratulations to all the competitors for showing and giving motivation to everyone in the club for continuing to train so enthusiastically.