• We have 2 European Championship

    We have 2 European Championship

    On Sunday, 20.12.2020, the 1st ITF Taekwon-do Virtual European Form Championship took place, which brought the Taekwon-do Club Radovljica, under the auspices of ITF SLOVENIA (#MO 657), 2 European Champion titles, namely: Neža Guštin, black belt, I. DAN and Marko Oblak, 3. kup.

    Although apart, we were together and met and competed with our friends from all over Europe. 371 competitors from 13 countries (Slovenia, Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, Belgium, Greece, Spain, Netherlands, Poland, Ukraine, Moldova, Czech Republic and Romania) took part. 12 competitors of Taekwon-do club Radovljica achieved as many as 8 medals and achieved the following results:


    • Neža Guštin, 1. place – European Champion, I. DAN, 12 – 13 yrs
    • Barbara Sitar, 2. place, III. DAN, 36 – 45 yrs
    • Robert Guštin, 2. place, II. DAN, +45 yrs
    • Tibor Oblak, 5. place, I. DAN, 12 – 13 yrs
    • Ivana Sitar, 5. place, I. DAN, 14 – 17 yrs
    • Medej Ručigaj, 5. place, I. DAN, 14 – 17 yrs


    • Marko Oblak, 1. place – European Champion, forme 3. kup, 10 – 11 yrs
    • Mitja Jukič Grm, 2. place, 6. kup, +45 yrs
    • Taja Oblak, 3. place, 6. kup, 10 – 111 yrs
    • Jernej Remar, 3. place, 5. kup, 12 – 13 yrs
    • Jurij Sitar, 3. place, 3. kup, 18 – 35 yrs
    • Simon Bakoš, 5. place, 7. kup, 12 – 13 yrs

    Congratulations to all our competitors for the achieved results, who, despite the strange conditions in 2020, managed to train and prepare well for the European Championship.

    The competition took place in forms recorded by the competitors according to pre-prescribed rules in the home environment or home gym, and some also outside, on the playground or in the garden. The recordings prepared in this way were uploaded to the ITFPlay platform, where the judges evaluated them and determined the best competitors. Numerous previous virtual meetings of the organizers, instructors and judges made the competition as smooth, transparent and fair as possible, and they clearly defined the rules of the competition and judging. The competition was broadcast live on the YouTube channel ITFPlay,  where recordings of the match, by individual rings and categories, are also available after the end of the competition.